About Living Green SupremeFood

Living Green Supremefood in Divine Health is a nutritional supplement encouraged by Dr. Don Colbert that exclaims it is a breakthrough anti-aging wax which will improve vitality, enhance your immune system and detoxify your entire body, in addition, to help you shed weight. They tout Living Green Supremefood helps you to reestablish the body PH and every cell within the human system will energize.


The Living Green Supremefood Pitch

The website carries a segment and named Divine Health Digest. This is to provide the appearance that it encouraged and is being marketed through an independent third party.

In fact, a Christian physician said to unite “Religion and Medicine.” The Divine Health Digest is full of luminous quotes from clients and bloggers that invite both Dr. Colbert and also God for Living Green Supremefood.

Really, Hillary Kimes Bernstein, blogger for Accidentally Green has been quoted to the Divine Health Digest site saying she detected Living Green “enhanced her digestion” and also “diminished food cravings.” A trip to this Accidentally Green Disclosure page says that the site “accepts money advertisements, sponsorship, or alternative kinds of reimbursement.”

Divine Health Digest tries for you to purchase immediately by saying it’s the final day of a marketing and showing the current date nevertheless, the following day if you go to the site, it will be available at precisely the exact same cost.


How Living Green Supremefood Works

Spirulina is also contained by it, stated to encourage a healthy liver, and boosts healthy organs and cells.

They tout a research from the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine which wheatgrass diminished chlorophyll and stress. On the other hand, the site Quackwatch (that says it is devoted to displaying health information) lists which diary for a fundamentally faulty book that cannot be reliable.

The advantages of wheatgrass are not clear. In reality, some skeptics think that bud is a really low excellent food which individuals cannot digest.

In the event you choose to decide on authorship, they will waive the $5.99 shipping and each month you’ll be sent a new 30-day source and charged $36.99 till you call and cancel. Conditions and the Terms say you’re liable for paying.

Living Green Supremefood includes a money-back guarantee but that is just for products. By purchasing Green Supremefood you’re also signing an arbitration agreement restricting the right.

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Bottom Line: Is Living Green Supremefood a Good Product?

Living Green Supremefood appears to get its fans that state it tastes yummy and causes them to feel good — it’s a normal 4.1 celebrities on Amazon.com. The negative reviews say it is too sweet.

Since its ingredients don’t be fully listed by Living Green Supremefood it is difficult to understand how much of any 1 thing is inside. The American Cancer Society doesn’t recommend taking nutritional supplements generally since “such compounds might not include the quantity of the herb or chemical that’s composed on the tag, and a few could consist of different materials (contaminants).”

And there is no question of if these so-called “superfood powders” like Living Green Supremefood are equally as great as eating fruits and vegetables. The solution is no. Health specialists normally conclude eating veggies and fruits entire is the very best method, followed closely by mixing them to smoothies next, subsequently juices, and eventually powder. Some components such as spirulina result in an upset stomach or may have unwanted effects.

In the end, there’s not any clinical proof any of its components work to assist you to eliminate weight, consume more energy, improve immune health, or even assist you to “detox” (detoxing is really a fantasy and potentially harmful).

If you’re feeling we propose changing your diet to add veggies and fruit. Talk with your doctor.

When buying any dietary supplement, make certain it gets got the US Pharmacopeia (USP) seal, and this demonstrates it has been individually tested to become pure. You are able to come across a listing here.

(Living Green Supremefood doesn’t possess the USP seal.)

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